15 & 18 Month Check Ups

Healthy Habits



Good Parenting

  • Encourage self-care and self-expression
  • Give choices in things that but limit to 2 or 3 options (ex: Do you want to wear the red or yellow shirt?, do you want yogurt or cheese for snack?)
  • Limit rules and use the word “no” sparingly but consistently enforce them!!!
  • Use distractions as your primary discipline tool  – time outs are most effective if they occur right after the offending behavior (ie biting) has occurred and is for a very short period of time – the following link reviews time outs:  https://www.healthychildren.org/English/family-life/family-dynamics/communication-discipline/Pages/Time-Outs-101.aspx
  • Do not expect child to share all toys
  • This is a very labor intensive age for parents – the more you model good choices and behavior, the more you stay consistent with expectations and routines, the less behavioral issues you will face in the coming years.



  • 15 months = PCV 13 and Hib
  • 18 months = DTaP and Hep A #2